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GTS professionals are dedicated to working closely with clients in order to advance and enhance the value of their business. As your financing advisor, we improve your chances of getting the appropriate financing to meet your specific needs on your business and personal goal. We assess, analyze, and evaluate your business, and advise you to seek or use an optimal choice of financing resources – business incubators, government grants, and subsidies, bank loans, developing business plans, etc.

Trusted advisors in a wide array of businesses from small to large corporations at all phases of the business cycle, we understand and utilize our insights and expertise to provide a clear path to your business.

We can create a detailed financial plan, which involves:

  • Business assessment & valuation

  • Business consulting

  • Business planning & forecasting

  • Financing application writing and negotiation

  • Assessing your current situation

  • Determining your present and future goals and needs

  • Giving advice on the financial products that are right for you

  • Reviewing and updating your investments periodically


We serve entrepreneurs in the start-up phase or owners/managers in small and medium-sized businesses. Based on our expertise in financial advisory, we have provided them with structured support and helped them to secure the optimal mix of financing resources successfully.

Meet with several potential advisors who are experienced, have the expertise, and credentials to help you reach your financial goals.

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